The Immunization Program of the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands was born out the enactment of Public Law 6-10 (see below) on October 25, 1988. Article 6 (Student Health) Section 1560 (Immunization) of Public Law 6-10 reads as follows:

(a) Every parent of a child shall, at the time of first enrollment of the child in any Commonwealth special education, pre-school, elementary, or secondary school, public or non-public, irrespective of grade level, provide the school authorities with proof that the child has received all of the immunizations required by the Department of Public Health and Environmental Services. If the child has not received all of the required immunizations, the parents shall be notified immediately that they are required to initiate all required immunizations for their child within 2 weeks after the date of such notice. Every parent of a child already enrolled in a commonwealth School, public or non-public,

whose child's health records show incomplete immunizations, shall be required to initiate remedial action within 2 weeks following notification of the immunization of the deficiency. Except as provided in Section 1562 of this Act, failure to comply shall be grounds for suspension of the child from school until immunization standards have been met.

(b) The Department of Public Health and Environmentai Ssrvices may, ,after consultation with the Public School System, establish an immunization program to be carried out within the Commonwealth Schools.


Please see below for the full version of Public Law 6-10.